A man cleans up in Ukraine.

Five months of the war in Ukraine what's the situation now

It's been five months since the war between Russia and Ukraine began and what used to dominate headlines has now slipped into the back of bulletins around the world. 

But as the war still rages on, Geoffrey Miller from the Democracy Project joined Wilhelmina Shrimpton on First Light to discuss if we are close to an end.

"No, far from it, sadly. If anything, this war is only ramping up further," Miller told Shrimpton.

"The Russian foreign minister last week signalled that Russia's aims were much bigger than just the east of Ukraine, we've seen Russia launch random missile attacks into cities elsewhere in Ukraine. 

"This war is only going to drag on a lot longer, the death tolls are mounting - around 15,000 on the Russian side, combat death, 10,000 on the Ukrainian side, and around 5,000 civilians.

"It's a grim picture."

As the war slips into the background the flow-on effects from it have taken centre stage, the food crisis and petrol prices. Shrimpton asked Miller if we are likely to see these issues continue for some time.

"Oil prices have come off a little bit, they're down below the US$100 mark per barrel.

"The same with commodity prices, food prices, wheat prices, they are still at very high levels compared with the start of the year, a lot of that has got to do with that instability in Ukraine at the moment in the war.

"We may see some relief, but as long as this war is still raging, it has huge ramifications for so much of the world."

Listen to the full interview between Geoffrey Miller and Wilhelmina Shrimpton above.