'Horrendous' - Reactions to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating, if that's possible. The BBC is reporting there is mounting evidence of the indiscriminate killing.

The Russians have retreated from Kyiv and in neighbouring towns on the outskirts of the city, bodies are strewn in the streets. 

The Germans have labelled it a war crime, the British say there needs to be an investigation, and Ukraine's foreign minister says it's a massacre. 

Meanwhile, airstrikes have hit the port of Odessa.

Geoffrey Miller from the Democracy Project joined First Light's Rachel Smalley on Today FM on Monday morning, Smalley starts by asking Miller why Odesa is of stratgic importance to Russia.

"Odessa is Ukraines third biggest city of about a million people in the countries South-West it's Ukraines only major port, especially after Russia took Cyrmea back in 2014, it's where Ukraines Navy is based, its just hugely signifuicant in terms of its location.

"It's down there on the South-west on the Black Sea coast it would be pivitol in any attempt by Russia build a land bridge across the Black Sea coast streching from the east right through to Moldova where Russia has troops, So it's a really stratigic city to take".

Ukraine's foreign minister accused Russian forces of carrying out a "massacre" in the town of Bucha, while U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken described images of dead bodies there as "a punch in the gut". 

A Funeral is held For Ukrainian Serviceman In Lviv Region - Getty.

Russia's defence ministry denied the Ukrainian allegations, saying footage and photographs showing dead bodies in Bucha were "yet another provocation" by Kyiv.

The Red Cross has been working on evaucating residents from Mariupol, the city has been encircled since the early days of Russia's five-week-old invasion into Ukraine

Listen to the full interview with Geoffrey Miller and Rachel Smalley above.