'Absolutely necessary' - Former Defence Minister says Ukraine needs help with weaponry

It has emerged the government is going against official advice and will not provide lethal aid to war-torn Ukraine.

Defence Minister Peeni Henare asked his colleagues to provide lethal support, specifically Javelin anti-tank missiles, but unlike all of our five-eyes allies, cabinet has declined that request.

Former Defence Minister Wayne Mapp spoke to First Light's Rachel Smalley about what exactly "lethal aid" is.

"The Javelin missile is essentially a defensive missile. Virtually all the weapons [that] been supplied so far to Ukrainian forces are essentially defensive. They're used to stop people advancing towards you," Mapp said on Wednesday morning.

Mapp continued to say that stopping the enemy from being able to advance "provides the conditions to defeat them," and that Ukrainian president Zelensky has been "very consistent" about explaining that is the intended use of the lethal weaponry.

Mapp says "from what we've seen out of Bucha, that's obviously absolutely necessary."

New Zealand journalist Tom Mutch, who is in Ukraine following the war, joined First Light's Rachel Smalley on Wednesday morning to discuss this speech to the UN.

When asked how significant Zelenskiy's speech to the UN was, Mutch said "What is so significant about this speech is what it's talking about in terms of the horrors that have been uncovered in the places that the Russian army has withdrawn from."

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