Green Party

Former Green Party MP 'never believed' in James Shaw

James Shaw is no longer the co-leader of the Green Party after 29 percent of delegates voted re-open nominations for his co-leadership position. 

The vote is usually just a matter of process and it happens every year at the Green AGM. 

But this year, Shaw didn't reach the 75 percent threshold needed to hold onto his job. 

So what's causing the mutiny? 

Former Green MP Catherine Delahunty told Lloyd Burr she has never supported Shaw to be in the role as she doesn't believe he represents the values the Green Party need.

"It's not to say he hasn't worked hard, he just isn't my idea of where the Greens need to go," Delahunty said.

While she admitted they got on quite alright as people, their approaches to the role the Green Party has to play within NZ politics were significantly different.

"I would never work for a big oil company and imagine I could help them become more green, that's more of his background. I would never do stuff like that.

"I come from the grassroots, I come from activism and I strongly believe in those things. I have some fundamental issues about how we actually address the issues of climate change."

While she admitted compromise is a part of politics, Delahunty told Lloyd a person's core driving values should never be compromised.

When asked who she thinks should be the next co-leader, Delahunty told Lloyd she doesn't care who it is, so long as they have a radical vision.

"I want to see somebody that articulates that now. I think it's unlikely that anyone will put their hat in the ring now, but I could be wrong."

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