Roe vs Wade - 'Everyone who believes in democracy is going to see this is a terrible move'

Women's rights protests aren't going anywhere from outside the US Supreme Court. 

26 states have or will soon ban abortion after the court overturned the Roe v Wade ruling. 

This woman joined the crowds.

"I've already walked this walk once, and here we have to come back because of my daughter and all the other people in the world this affects."

Disbelief is rippling through pro-abortion groups in New Zealand, following the decision in the US overturning protections for women.

In particular, abortion campaigners in New Zealand are reeling.

The Supreme Court has removed the constitutional right for women to access one, meaning states can dictate their own laws.

Terry Bellamak from Abortion Rights Aotearoa, saod the argument from conservatives is ridiculous.

"The right to abortion is not spelled out in the constitution therefore it can't be there, yea well when the constitution was written women were not legal persons."

She said this can happen anywhere.

"Any country that holds democratic ideals at all needs to pay attention to this.

"Everyone who believes in democracy is going to see this as a terrible move."

Sadly, Bellamak said she was expecting this.

"We've really been expecting this for a number of weeks, it wasn't very likely that the Supreme Court were going to step back from the abyss once Alito's decision was released a few weeks ago."

Green MP,  Jan Logie, believes changes to US abortion laws are an horrific reminder to be vigilant with who you vote for. 

"The Supreme Court Justice has said they accepted Roe vs Wade as established law and they would not overturn it, and yet here they have."

The attorney who represented Jane Roe in the landmark Roe v Wade case, is outraged at the US Supreme Court's abortion decision. 

Gloria Allred says it means male legislators will now be in charge of making reproductive choices for women.

"It is an unprecedented depravation of womens rights.

"It is not only dangerous, it is a decision that is going to have an impact on every women in this country."