Andrew Little launches verbal assault on union representing nurses

The Health Minister is refusing to acknowledge there's a crisis in the health sector. 

That's despite many in the workforce saying just that. 

Today FM has spoken to nurses, GPs, and Middlemore hospital's CEO among others. 

All of them say that workers are struggling and, while they are providing services, they're doing so to their own detriment. 

Health Minister, Andrew Little, joined Wilhelmina Shrimpton on Lloyd Burr Live to talk about New Zealand's health crisis - and whether the Government should be taking healthcare worker concerns more seriously.

Andrew Little said nurses could have been on considerably more money by now.

"It doesn't help when The Nurses Organisation, who claims to be concerned about nurses and the nurse shortages, stands in the way of a measure that would give us a better chance of getting more nurses back into the profession," he said.

Listen to the interview between Andrew Little and Wilhelmina Shrimpton above.

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