Trudi Nelson: Abortion ban a backwards step for society


Abortion - it’s been the big talk globally over the last 24 hours after the controversial Roe v Wade turnaround in the US. It’s been pretty shocking - eye opening in fact.

Abortion - it’s not a pretty term - quite jarring in fact - and listening to the shared stories of listeners and experts about unborn babies - some making it, some not - has been heartwrenching to say the least.

Being in a public job but a private person - I don’t know how but I decided to share my abortion story yesterday with Duncan Garner live on air. I think he could see the stories and talkback were moving me.

I’ve never had an abortion - gosh I don’t think I could - but life can change on the spin of a coin - so you can never say never. And I look at beaten and neglected babies in some parts of our society and I think maybe those little ones should never have been brought into the world.

But this end of a little life procedure has touched my life twice.

My mum lost her mother to an abortion when my mum was a little girl aged nine. The procedure robbed two young kids of a mother. I never got to meet my grandmother and to be frank, my mum was then never taught how to be a mum as she was raised by my Poppa.

My mum’s mother Molly got pregnant - had her two kids - didn't want another and zapped from Whangarei to Auckland for a back street abortion which ended her life after getting blood poisoning, My mum was 9. Just a little girl.

Then fast forward years later, my eldest son, now 24 but then 17 found out his longtime girlfriend was pregnant - she decided at 18 she wanted a baby to love. I asked my son at the time when he told me she was pregnant and we were all in shock - I said do you want this child? And he said Mum, I still feel like a kid! With our family history and that death of my grandmother - I didn’t want the teens to have the abotion and I said let’s just battle through - we will make a new baby work. I figured I would help with what would have been my first grandchild . I would help raise the baby. But her parents and my partner didn’t want our teens to have a baby and talked my son's girlfriend into ending the pregnancy.

That was traumatic. 

That baby would now be 7

So everyone has a link or story so let’s try not to judge.

Could you give birth to a baby after being raped.

Could you raise a child that’s mentally impaired due to medical reasons or because the mother didn't care about her body during pregnancy - how many P babies are out there.

To put this issue to bed I’ll leave you with my final thoughts - there needs to be compassion, there needs to be acceptance of what a person can do with their own body - there needs to be reproductive freedom. 

We can’t go backwards and with yesterday’s decision in the US, I feel we have. But, it takes a village to raise a child. Maybe allow the baby and let that little heartbeat, that little person become one.