James Shaw, Jacinda Ardern; Getty Images

James Shaw's constant battle that's hampering Greens

But when you mix the Labour Party and the Green Party together, you get Labour. 

Certainly in this term of Government anyway. 

The Greens don't prop up the government because Labour has a majority. 

They are at the table at the invitation of Labour. 

It's a token gesture because it means the Greens don't have any real influence. 

Labour has to rubberstamp anything the Greens want. 

Even James Shaw admitted this in his Budget speech about the Emissions Reduction Plan he announced.

He said it had a 'Labour hue'. 

It must be agonising for the Greens to get only half-changes or token changes instead of the real green change they've been talking about for decades. 

And I bet it will be no different to what is announced off the back of the He Waka Eke Noa report on a separate emissions pricing scheme for agriculture. 

James Shaw, as Climate Change Minister, will have to battle James Shaw co-leader of the Green Party. 

He'll want to implement big, bold changes, but the political reality means he can't go the whole hog. 

He has to compromise. And the Greens don't like compromising.

It will be interesting to see what the agricultural emissions scheme ends up looking like.