Lloyd Burr and Christopher Luxon; Getty Images, Today FM

Political Breakdown: National's fiscal policies are making a fool of Christopher Luxon

It's brutally tough for opposition parties. 

While they get to endlessly criticise the governing party for even the smallest digression or policy decision, they also have to come up with an alternative proposition. 

In short, they can easily talk the talk, but walking the walk is much, much harder. 

One of the reasons for this is they don't have the resources, the researchers, the people-power, and the might of government departments. 

A prime example of this is National Party leader Christopher Luxon's recent performances on TVNZ's Q&A on Sunday and Today FM's Tova this morning.

He attacked the Government's lack of fiscal restraint, and blamed their spending as a driving force behind the highest inflation we've had in 30 years.

But he couldn't back it up. 

He couldn't provide a solid list of Government expenditures that had led to the inflation crisis. 

His go-to excessive-spending option was the Auckland-Hamilton train which costs $100m a year. 

He also pointed the finger at the $2b-over-five-years that is going into mental health services. 

While these may well have contributed to inflation, he couldn't explain how. 

And if that wasn't bad enough, he spectacularly failed at selling National's tax cut plan. 

Why should high earners get tax cuts? He couldn't answer it. Why is it even your policy then? 

National needs more depth to its fiscal policies. Because at the moment they are so shallow they're making Luxon - a supposedly smart business operative - look like a bumbling fool. 

It reminded me of Phil Goff stumbling over Labour's fiscal policy in the lead-up to the 2011 election. Remember that? "Show me the money," John Key exclaimed. 

Now it's the case for Luxon of "Show me the Policy".