NZNO not "impressed" Andrew Little dismissed their credibility

The Health Minister has sat down with delegates from the New Zealand Nurses Organisation - weeks after he described it as "not credible". 

They hand delivered him messages from more that 2700 members, detailing why they believe the health system is at - or even beyond - crisis point. 

This is after Andrew Little has repeatedly denied that being the case. 

He spoke to Wilhelmina Shrimpton on Lloyd Burr Live last month, saying "he's not interested in names and labels."

In that interview, Little took aim directly at the New Zealand Nurses Organisation itself, saying he doesn't "take much of what the Nurses Organisation says with a great deal of credibility."

Speaking on Lloyd Burr Live on Wednesday afternoon, the NZ Nurses Organisation's Wellington delegate Helen Kemp said the NZNO does, in fact, have "very strong credibility."

"I'm neither interested nor impressed by name calling," she told Burr.

"I believe we have to take a more solution-focused approach to the current situation. 

"Call it what you will - crisis, catastrophe, chronic, difficult situation… the name doesn't matter. It's what we do about it collectively that counts."

Listen to the full interview between Helen Kemp and Lloyd Burr above.

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