Child Health

'We need more prevention' in New Zealand's children dental system - Dr Dorothy Boyd

Is New Zealand's dental system failing our kids? 

If you ask the Journal of the Royal Society of NZ, then it's a resounding 'yes'. 

So what's the problem? Why is the system failing our kids? 

Speaking on Lloyd Burr Live, Dr Dorothy Boyd from the University of Otago says more prevention of dental disease is needed. 

"We have a problem at the moment where too many young children are getting dental decay," she says.

"So instead of accepting that disease will happen and then trying to treat it - instead of doing that - try and turn off the tap instead of mopping up the floor."

Boyd says across society as a whole, she wants to see everyone having less difficulty in doing well by their teeth.

"At the moment, healthy food is expensive, toothbrushes and toothpaste are expensive," she says.

"It can be difficult to access dental care that's freely provided because parents or caregivers can't get time off work or pay the travel costs to get there.

"We would like that to be easier for families to navigate."

Listen to the interview between Dr Dorothy Boyd and Lloyd Burr above.

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