Middlemore patient spent over 24 hours in ED felt 'stuck' at the hospital

An hours-long wait at Middlemore ED laid bare. 

David got in touch to tell us about his experience there....which saw him spend more than 24 hours in the hospital. 

He was taken there via ambulance last week with a suspected heart attack.

David joined Wilhelmina on Wednesday afternoon to recount his experience and share his thoughts on the health system based on what he saw.

He told Wilhelmina that he was taken to Middlemore on a Tuesday afternoon after he called an ambulance around 4pm. 

By the time he got to hospital it was about 5:30-6pm he recalled.

"It was really busy, there were hardly any seats at all there.

'I had a blood test and then I got sent out into the waiting room in the emergency department, I had a couple of tests and they basically just told me to wait there.

"I was there until about 10 o'clock the next morning."

It didn't end there, however, he told Wilhelmina, explaining that from 10 am the next morning he was taken to the medical assessment waiting room, and was given a lazyboy chair that he sat in all day while they continued to take a few more tests on him.

The staff didn't want to release David because he lived too far away from the hospital and wanted to run a CT scan.

He told Wilhelmina that he stayed there until about 7 pm that night and it took his wife to ring up and complain before he was given a bed.

"The bed I did get was in a doctor's consultation room.

"Middlemore is full, there is no room there, and they are not going to get rid of people during the night to make room for someone coming in."

David added that the doctors and nurses working there are doing a great job and said the delays are not their fault. 

"I was watching them and they were walking fast back and forth, they weren't just taking their time, they are busy.

"They do a great job, what are they supposed to do? There is nowhere to put anyone."

He told Wilhelmina that some people who weren't in need of urgent care were offered vouchers for free consultation if they could go home and return to Middlemore the following morning.

From his experience David said he feels like we are definitely suffering from a health care crisis.

"Auckland itself has grown so much but still relies on one hospital.

"I think the Government needs to invest money into another hospital or another emergency department."

After his experience, he told Wilhelmina he would not want to go back to Middlemore any time soon.

Listen to the full chat between David and Wilhelmina Shrimpton above.

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