A Police uniform vest.

'We've got an aging police force, they are leaving' Police Association President

The government has announced a half-billion-dollar crime package to be rolled out over four years, with a goal of adding 1800 new Police officers over three years.

President of the NZ Police Association Chris Cahill joined Tova to discuss the government's pre-budget announcement. 

Tova asked Cahill if he thinks the government will hit their target of 1800 new Police by the end of the year.

"Look, they've got themselves a mess with that idea that was 1800 new and 1800 more. There was always only one target we were only ever interested in, the 1800 more, we don't even think about the 1800 new," Cahill said.

"Look, they'll get close. I'm worried about, attrition is going up, we've got an aging police force, they are leaving, I think we will be caught, unfortunately, by the exodus of young New Zealanders overseas and the tight labour market". 

Cahill says they are grateful to get the extra police, "we're not going to, complain about getting them. It's a shame it's taken so long, but I think it's going to be a tight run thing whether we actually ever quite get there".

Tova asks Cahill if it's more than just attrition affecting the Police's ability to attract recruits.

"We've done really well, surprisingly well over the last few years over 3000 recruits have joined, and I go out and meet every new recruit,

"Most of the building have taken a pay cut to join the police, and I'm just now amazed that, how keen they are to be officers,

"At this stage, it's holding up. I think it's getting tougher, I was in Australia talking to my colleagues over there recently. They're struggling big time to recruit, and we might be hit by the same thing. So we'll just have to watch but at this stage, it's hanging in there.

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