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National Party wants all migrant workers guaranteed a pathway to residency

There is a call for action from the National Party on immigration. 

The Productivity Commission's inquiry into immigration was released Tuesday and found that immigration is good for productivity, counters the oversees brain drain and doesn't drive down wages. 

National's Immigration Spokesperson Erica Stanford says it recommends many things she and the party have been calling for.

Speaking to Lloyd Burr Live, Stanford says migrants need certainty that their future lies in New Zealand. 

"The way we have attracted really great migrants here with great skills is they have a certainty about their future here," Stanford says.

"If you are going to quit your job, pack the kids and family up, and move halfway around the world, you need to know what your pathway to residency is, and we haven't had that for at least the last two years  - and even before COVID there was a massive waiting list.

"Faster visa processing times are crucial - they have really blown out for many months now and that's not good enough in a world where we are all competing for the same labor."

Stanford is also critical of the Governments' two-tier immigration plan that excludes automatic residency visas for teachers and health workers - including mid-loves and nurses.

Stanford says the two-tier program should be scrapped and all migrant applicants allowed immediate residency.

"It's a really odd thing they have done to create a second-tier list for people who have to wait two years for residence.

"Teachers, midwives, and nurses - are all people we desperately need right now.

"Yet Australia is giving them residence immediately.

"These industries are not coping - why we are waiting two years is beyond me and the minister's [Chris Faafoi] reasoning that the government is worried the people in question will change careers when they get here is quite frankly laughable."

Listen to the interview between Erica Stanford and Lloyd Burr above.

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