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Data reveals Aucklander's big fast food and takeaway spend up

If the only fast food eaten in Auckland was KFC Wicked Wings, then a staggering 584 million would be consumed every year, or 143.3 million Big Macs, 112 million pizzas or 896 million slices.

Those stomach-churning numbers have come from new research by the Helen Clark Foundation and Health Coalition Aotearoa. 

The group's analysis of Marketview data used EFTPOS to track spending habits and found that Auckland's fast food and takeaway businesses raked in a staggering NZ$6.718 billion over the last six years.

Dr Michael Hale the Clinical Leader for Health Auckland Together joined Wilhelmina Shrimpton on Lloyd Burr Live to talk through what the research shows.

It found that most junk food is being sold in areas of high deprivation and there are now calls to change legislation. 

Dr Hale says zoning rules have been successful overseas.

"These things do lower the number of fast-food outlets there are currently in New Zealand, though we have none of these options available to us under the law."

Hale says even if the community opposes a development, the Resource Management Act has no teeth. 

"There can be 100 percent opposition and there is no recourse for the community, so we do really need to have some legal text in the New Zealand system to give communities a say about what they want in their neighbourhood."

Healthy Auckland Together says it is inevitable when you drive past more takeaway shops than supermarkets. 

Listen to the full interview between Dr Michael Hale, Clinical Leader for Health Auckland Together and Wilhelmina Shrimpton above.

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