Broadcast minister Willie Jackson defends TVNZ/RNZ merger, says key audiences have disappeared

The TVNZ/RNZ merger is fast becoming a reality.

Legislation has been introduced to the parliament and a vigorous debate is underway.

The new broadcasting minister Willie Jackson is defending the merger pointing to a changing media landscape.

"You have such an increasing level of misinformation around the world," Jackson told Today FM's Tova.

"The media landscape's changing all the time with declining commercial revenue projected.

"We feel we need a strong, independent public media now more than ever. 

"What we have is a changing landscape. The audience has changed.

"Are they catering for the new New Zealand? Are they tapping into the Maori, Pacific and Asian markets - the young people markets?

"That audience has disappeared - they are going online and ignoring the media they should be paying attention to and going down dangerous rabbit holes of hate and misinformation.

Listen to the full interview between Willie Jackson and Tova above.

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